Monday, April 27, 2015

dinner with friends

 We've been doing weekly dinners with the Williamses & Gosses for several years now, adding kiddos to the mix along the way. I never take photos when we're together & I don't want these days to slip by any quicker than they already have. Tonight was a beautiful, warm & sunny spring evening. We ate dinner in the Williamses back yard, after some of the kids ran around in the sprinkler...some more clothed than others. :] We enjoyed leftover birthday cupcakes for dessert. ;)

Cedar & Alma



Jacque & Edison

Stu, Alma & Carolyn

Jesse & Harriet

Kenton, Finley & I were all present as well...just didn't make the cut. ;)

mama-made quilts

 Last year, I decided to make twin sized quilts for all three of my children for their next birthdays. I love the idea of them sleeping snugly under mama-made quilts. Now that I finished the final quilt for Cedar, I made the kids pose for a photo shoot. :) They were due for some portraits anyway!

Finley Stoerman - almost 8 1/2!

Cedar Tenhunen - almost 6!

Elsa Roedel - 20 months!

Three sweet Henry kids.


  Cedar & Finn had simultaneous games at different fields, so Kenton & I had to split up & he took Elsa. Which left me free to take some photos at Finn's game. We usually take turns keeping Elsa entertained & don't often bring the big camera along...just one more thing to juggle. Anyway, go Finley! Go #33!

He's been running harder than I've ever seen him run before! So proud of him. Way to go, Finn! Go Thunderbolts!

cedar's early mario birthday party

 We celebrated Cedar's 6th birthday with a Mario party the weekend before his actual birthday. He's been dreaming up this party since we were in the planning stages of Finley & Cohen's Harry Potter party. :)

I took these pictures before the party started, then came the final down pour of the day & all the food had to be rushed inside. I was pretty bummed, but we still managed to keep the party in the backyard & it all worked out.

 The badges, mustaches & crowns were a hit!

 The Boo balloons came out of Finley's creative mind. :)

 Love these 4 so much!

 I made a pull-string pinata for the first time. The birthday boy felt pretty special to be the only one to pull the string! :)

 Threatening but beautiful clouds.

 Cedar's turn to receive a mama-made quilt.

 He picked the fabrics himself & was quite pleased!