Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's that time again...

I've been feeling a bit panicked that I haven't done anything for/in the garden yet...especially since the seeds I ordered still have not arrived. Plus after looking closer at my order, I've realized they probably won't be arriving any time soon. :/ So today, I played catch-up & started some seeds indoors & out in the beds.

This year, I moved the growing station in from the garage to the laundry room. It just wasn't warm enough in the garage last year & resulted in very little growth. I'm only starting tomatoes & peppers indoors so far & hope to plant most other seeds straight in the ground.

Since I'm still waiting on my seed order, I used seeds that I ordered last year & am also using seeds that I saved from my home grown tomatoes & peppers. This is a first for me & definitely an experiment, so we shall see!

Outside, I planted some broccoli, lettuce & carrots. We are in the process of building more raised beds, which will double our garden space! Hoping for much more produce to preserve, come fall. :) I can't believe we're already into Spring - it totally snuck up on me this year!

I'm linking up to An Oregon Cottage's Tuesday Garden Party!
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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every year since their return from Azerbaijan (for the PeaceCorps), Carolyn & Jesse have invited us to their Novruz celebration. It's the first day of Spring & is Azerbaijan's New Year celebration. Check out the 2010 & 2009 celebrations!

On Sunday, March 20th, the Williamses prepared their favorite Azerbaijani foods to share with us!

The yummy spread!

Plov! Always a favorite. :)

A tasty, cold potatoey/eggy salad (didn't catch the name) & yummy yogurt/spinach/herb soup (didn't catch that name either) :)

Bread & Meat! Finn was a big fan of the meat & even had seconds. :)

And of course, Bahklava!

Jacque helping Finn with his puzzle, while waiting for the feast to begin.

After dinner, Jesse put his Boy Scout skills to work & built a small fire in their driveway.

I love this picture of Jacque & Cedar. They both look like they're having a great time! :)

Stu & Kenton, humoring the girl with the camera. ;)

Finn trying to wait patiently for the fire to get big enough...& possibly doing the potty dance?? :P

The first to jump over the fire! This year, he got to do it by himself - no help! He even practiced saying the traditional saying, "Ağırlıgım- uğurluğum bu odda qalsın!" Which essentially means, all my troubles fall into the fire, so we can start the New Year with a clean slate.

Kenton & I helped Cedar jump this year. Last year, we carried him as we helped Finn jump. What a difference a year makes...

Kenton's turn. Cedar & Finn were never far from the action & Cedar was definitely making me nervous a few times. But he knew that the fire was HOT & was steering clear every time.

A blurry, but cute, Jacque!

Carolyn in a blur, with a curious Finn watching.

Jesse...& Cedar! :)

Carolyn & Jesse helping Finn. Finn definitely jumped more than the traditional 3 times. He was having too much fun to stop!

Thanks for another great Novruz, Carolyn & Jesse! Always a good time...always delicious food!

blue cast

Here he is! Complete with blue cast. :) Things have been quite uneventful & calm around here. We spent Wednesday trying to keep Finn from getting too active, by keeping Netflix going. :) The only way to get him to sit still with his arm elevated was to put a movie on. Luckily, it worked & the swelling went down enough for our pediatrician to put his arm in a cast.

He will have to wear the cast for 4 weeks, but we were able to schedule to have it removed just before Easter! No dirty cast for Easter pictures. :)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the X-rays

Luckily, the first X-ray is a more accurate representation of the break. Finley cracked both arm bones near the wrist. The second X-ray is from the side & the break looks worse, but is expected to mold right back into shape.

They put him in a splint until Thursday, when Finn's pediatrician will put his arm in a cast. He was such a good sport & had the nurses laughing once he started feeling better. We're so thankful that the doctor didn't need to manipulate or reset his arm. I was most worried about that possibility. :/

Finn is in good spirits & is even trying to use his broken arm as an excuse to get out of anything & everything he doesn't want to do. What a turkey! We're very proud of him though & impressed at how brave he was through the whole scary process.
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the jump that broke his arm

Today, I took the boys to Open Gym to meet up with Gretchen & her boys + several other moms & kids from our church. Unfortunately, we had to leave early because one of Finn's jumps into the foam pit led to a broken arm. Ouch. I took this video & ended up catching the jump that broke his arm without realizing it. It's the second jump & you can see that Finn landed the jump face first. He must have landed on his wrist badly because I knew it was broken the moment I saw it. It looked crooked & swollen right away.

I am so thankful that Gretchen & so many friends were there to help me gather myself, my kids & all of our scattered belongings so that I could drive to Urgent Care. Kenton's dad & brother drove him to meet me there & helped by taking Cedar so that he didn't have to wait with us. So helpful! I'll post more pictures from the hospital in another post.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring mantel

I took some pictures of my newly updated mantel. I've been enjoying changing it up with the seasons lately...not just at Christmas-time. I'll move the plants outdoors when the time is right, but for now, I like the simple green with white. What will I do for Summer?? Guess I have some time to figure that out. Happy Spring everyone! I love this time of year...almost as much as Summer. ;)
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Friday, March 18, 2011


This week, we had the chance to play & eat with Flora, Henry & their dad, Courtney. Our kids play really well together & they always have a lot of fun! Here they're watching an episode of Scooby Doo (Finn's latest favorite). It's on so often at our house that Cedar is starting to learn the theme song. Cute, but a little sad. :P Also, Cedar is laughing in this picture...just to clarify. He looks like a little less than please, but he really was enjoying himself. Thanks for playing, Henry & Flora! Always a great time! :)

tyler is 11!

Not quite sure how it's possible, but on March 14th, Tyler turned 11! Craziness.

Aunt Katie with the youngest (Tate) & oldest (Tyler) cousins!

We celebrated the birthday boy's special day at Papa's Pizza!

Ready for presents!

Griffin, Sadie & Finley

I like this blurry, extreme closeup of me with Tate. I pretty much love any picture with Tate. Who am I kidding?! I love Tate! :)

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. 7 inches off. It's so much easier - I love it!
I love Tate, too. ;)

Cedar playing with Dad! He sure is getting big. Won't be long until he turns 2! Eeeks!

We got Tyler an account for a game called Minecraft. Kenton & Finley love this game & are hoping to recruit Ty to the fan club. It's useless to fight against it Ty...join them & experience the addictiveness of the game! :P

A blurry shot of Tyler's specially requested cake - NO frosting. And to think, his mom decorates cakes for a living. What a character!

Mandatory blowing out the candles photo! ;)

a 30th birthday party

It has begun...the year that my peers turn 30. Well, it's been happening for a few month...but this was the first 30th birthday party I've been able to attend of people that graduated the same year as me. All that to say...Carolyn turned 30!! And to celebrate, she asked everyone to bring their favorite guilty pleasure to share, pot luck style!

Between meatballs, cheese & crackers, lil' smokies, quiche, crusty bread & man n' cheese bites, we all were stuffed! But everyone still enjoyed the yummy black & white cake from Market of Choice. So tasty!!

Jacque & Kenton

The birthday girl!

Stu, Jacque & Helen
We also split into three teams & played trivia. Helen was on my team. We did pretty well, but it was tough to beat that birthday girl! :)

A blurry action shot - can't leave out the blowing out the candles photo! ;)

I hope to enter into my 30's as willingly & gracefully as Carolyn has. But I'm embracing my last few months of being 29!! :P

My gift to Carolyn was a sign, painted to look like the metro signs in Paris, where she & Jesse will be vacationing this summer! Try...not...to be...jealous...NOT working. :P

welcome baby genevieve

February 24th was not just a snow day, but it was the day Baby Genevieve Eloise made her grand entrance into the world!

Amy, Stephanie & I went to visit Malia & her beautiful baby girl the evening of her birthday.

What a blessing she is!
Amy, Malia, Genevieve, Stephanie, Katrina

She slept so peacefully the entire time we were there.

Her sweet profile.

She has such an amazing head of hair!

I think we each took 2 or 3 turns holding Genevieve. Such fun!

Thanks for letting us meet your sweet daughter on the day of her birth! She's beautiful!