Sunday, May 30, 2010

tracktown throwdown

On Saturday, Kenton ran his third (almost annual) Tracktown Throwdown Heroscape tournament. Tyler was the youngest player & I think the age range went up to 50.

24 people participated & some people drove down from Portland & Vancouver.

Carolyn, Jacque & I helped things run smoothly & sold snacks! :)

Carolyn actually played a couple of rounds because there ended up being an odd number for a while. So Jacque & I cheered her on! Yay, Carolyn! :)

One more shot of the ladies...we had a lot of time to kill. :)

I helped everyone score up their games & wrote them up on the white board in between rounds. It was a pretty important job...or at least, I thought so. ;)

Everyone brought a Heroscape related item for the prize table & Kenton got some local & online stores to donate gift certificates.

The top player chose first & so on, plus the top three players ended up getting to choose 2 prizes.

The lovely assistants.

In the end, there was an extra prize, so they all rolled a 2o sided die to see who'd win true nerd fashion (tee hee)!

The biggest nerd of them all rolled a 20 & won the final prize! (Just kidding, Jon) :P It was a lot of fun & everyone was really nice. They were all good sports, which makes it so much fun to help out. :)

tyler's concert

On Monday evening, our family attended Tyler's choir concert. Tyler did a great job & I was super impressed with how interested my boys were. Finn & Cedar just stared at their cousin & listened intently the entire time. Cedar joined in for some clapping occasionally. :)

Tyler (in between the two heads)

After the show. Cedar sure loves his biggest cousin. :)


Last Saturday, we visited RiverPlay park for the first time this year, with Carolyn & Jesse.

Slightly different smile than the previous photo. He's just too cute, I couldn't decide. ;)

Finn was off exploring the second we got out of the car. He really enjoys this park & is getting more brave all the time!

Cedar liked playing silly games with me & the camera more than he actually liked swinging.

You can barely see his top two teeth poking out. They finally came a week or so after his first birthday. Finally! Now it looks like he might be getting two more on top. He's enjoying his new found ability to chew things up a bit more. :)

No pictures of the grown-ups, of course. But we did enjoy some tasty treats at Sweet Life, after the park. We just can't go to RiverPlay without visiting Sweet Life! :P

mom's birthday

For Mom's birthday, the girls went & got pedicures in the middle of the afternoon. :) Mom had given us daughters gift certificates to City Nails & Spa for Mother's Day. So we all enjoyed a break in our day to be pampered!

Mom & me
(Notice my new hair cut - bangs & 3 inches shorter)

Gretchen sat a little bit away from us

Me & Becca

Our lovely toes

So much fun!

After my pedicure, I got a call from Kenton that he had cut his finger with a razor blade at work. So after I picked up the boys, I picked up Kenton & we spent about an hour in Urgent Care. He got 3 stitches - we think. He didn't watch & still ended up fainting for a moment. :(

We ate a quick dinner from DQ & still managed to make it to Memaw's birthday celebration at the Ruddick's house.

Gifts for Memaw - we got her a hibiscus tree for inside their house.

The cake was delicious & we ate it while watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

wild, wild west dinner & silent auction

Kenton & I borrowed from family & friends but managed to pull together some "western wear" for the high schooler's fundraiser at our church.

We spent the first hour browsing the silent auction items & enjoying fruity drinks. We ended up winning some hand crocheted wash cloths! :)

My parents were there, too!

Gretchen & Josh were helping out - making drinks & managing the sounds system.

Our table was very nicely decorated & we enjoyed our dinner - pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, beans & apple crisp for dessert. The high schoolers performed a talent show for us & we were really impressed. It was great to see some of our former middle schoolers dancing & singing. :)

happy camper

The shirt says it all...

Cedar is one happy camper! He loves his new water table.

And so does Finn.

It is so much fun to watch my boys play together. They are going to have so many great experiences as brothers. I am really thankful that they have each other. :)

mother's day

After church, we celebrated Mother's day at my parent's house with a barbeque!

My mom & me
(Notice the two beaded bracelets I'm wearing. Finn made each one for me in his Sunday school class - we went to both services, so I got two!) :)

Papa made yummy kabobs!

The moms

For dessert, we had fruit sorbet served in real fruit "shells" - coconut, pineapple, lemon & maybe one other flavor. I had coconut!

Finn had pineapple. :)

Exchanging gifts.

Earrings for my sisters...

...& some candles & vegetable starts for Mom.

After food & gifts, we walked over to the baseball diamond for the traditional Mother's Day game. I'm pretty sure I sat out last year, considering I had had a C-section the week before. :)

As you can see from Becca's bare feet & skirt, it's a casual game. No one strikes out & we all take a turn.

Sadie's practicing for her turn.

Ronan pitched with Papa

Kenton up to bat

Finn tried using a tee for the first time

Cedar even got to run the bases. :)

The whole group.

Me & my boys. I feel so blessed to be Finn & Cedar's Mama. They bring so much joy & entertainment to our home. I thank God for trusting me to care for them - they're just so great! :)

After the game, we went to Kenton's parent's house to celebrate with his mom. It started pouring & thundering - I love storms! :) We had a relaxed evening & enjoyed delicious Chinese food. A full & fun Mother's day.