Monday, November 16, 2009

3 year portraits

We braved the JC Penney portrait studio once more, despite how chaotic it has felt in the past. Unfortunately, we came away feeling frustrated once again...but amazingly enough, we got some nice photos. Kenton says we're never paying someone to take our annual photos again...we'll see. It's nice to have them done & I'm glad it's over. :)

Big 3 year old Finley

Favorite blanket

Our family
Cedar chewed on his sleeve for most of the photos. :)

Sitting up...with a little help from the crate.

They love each other!

Not sure where he gets that devilish smile from. ;)

Everyone look at Cedar!

I just noticed that one pant leg is rolled & one is not...oh, well!

Blue eyes!

6 months old!

We ordered this family shot for our wall.


Super Cedar!
This could be his superhero name - Superseder! Maybe someone more clever than I can come up with what his superpowers might be?? Always taking the place of...I don't know. This is a silly joke! :P

We ordered this one too! Our boys!

Sweet Finn

Another favorite blanket.

Not too bad for Finn deciding he was done with being at the mall 5 minutes into our 30 minute wait (because they were so behind schedule). :\

cohen & finley's birthday party

On Saturday, November 7th (Cohen's actual birthday), we threw a party to celebrate Cohen & Finn's birthdays at Rainbow Park & Playground. It was a great place for an indoor, fall party & was super fun for all the kids & grownups!

Cedar & Mummi

Amy & Ethan at the top of one of the structures

Kenton helped Finn enjoy the bounce castle since he was a little scared.

Birthday boy Cohen!

The grownups were allowed to use the bounce castle too!

Sadie, Ronan & Griffin on the tire swing

Macey swinging!

Cedar enjoying his snack.

My first time in a bounce castle...I think??

Great action shot of Sadie

Rainbow is a place that sells play structures. They also offer open play times & party spaces!

Our party room!

The birthday boys

New swords!

Finn scooted his chair closer to Cohen so they could see what each other got!

A Transformer!
(As Finn calls it "Fansmormer!")

Ice cream cake by Becca

Blowing out their candles...

& licking them, of course!

The party planners & their birthday boys
Becca, Cohen (4), Katrina, Finley (3)

We love Finley so much! It has been such an amazing experience to have him in our lives. He blesses us everyday with his wit, curiousity, kindness & energy! We thank God for our wonderful son.

after dad got home...

Finn got to open one more gift, before sitting down to dinner. We let him unwrap his gift from Nanalee & Papa Lew - all the way from Utah! He was super excited to see a Bionicle (or as Finn says it "Binonicle!") & 2 Lego sets!

Dad helped Finn build the Bionicle right away!

Finn chose corn dogs & canned pears for his birthday dinner...not sure where he got the pear idea, but it was his birthday so he got to choose. :)

Time for gifts from Mama & Dad...
He looks like such a big kid to us, despite the messy, wet spot on his shirt from dinner. :P

Sweet Cedar, studying his Dada.

Time to pay attention to that fast moving brother!

Some police officer & fire fighter dress-up gear.

Fun wrapping paper from Ronan's school fundraiser.

Gears! Gears! Gears!
We tried to buy some toys for Finn that he'd never seen, to try to expand his interests a bit. It worked out pretty well & he seems to really enjoy his new toys. So fun to have an excuse to get some new things to play with. It's been a long time since we bought anything real special or fun, so even Mama & Dad were excited to play with Finn's toys. :)