Tuesday, April 28, 2009

baby's room

This week, I got the baby room decorated & put the last finishing touches together. This time around, I didn't worry too much about everything matching perfectly...I just wanted the colors to work together; no real theme. But I'm pleased with how everything has turned out & can't wait to share the room with baby #2! :)

I don't really intend to display nursing pads & milk storage bags on this shelf...more likely, I'll store wipes there. But this works for now. :)

I looked at a lot of art work online & ended up using what I saw as inspiration to make some tree prints (in other words, I copied a little). :)

Mummi did a great job framing all 3 prints. Don't they look great! I ended up cutting up one of the gift bags we received & framing it for the dresser (the bird print in the silver frame).

Cute new bedding for our new little boy.
The crib, on the other hand, has been loved (& colored with markers) by big brother, Finley!

A bird from Aunt Gretchen, hanging from the curtain rod.

There are a few more pictures that I'm saving until after our little boy arrives - in just 3 days...unless he has a different schedule in mind. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

baby shower #2

On Saturday, April 18th, my wonderful co-teachers threw a shower for us, inviting everyone that Kenton & I work with.

Left to right: Suzanne, Becca, Angie, Tamy & Lisa.

Stu, Jacque, Lianna, Valerie, Shirley, Georgia, & Amy.
Everyone was placing bets on how big this baby of ours will be, since we already know when he will be born...as long as he doesn't come early.

Another game was to guess how big my stomach was by cutting a piece of string. For the record, everyone guessed too big! I thought it was a little interesting that no one guessed too small, but whatever... ;)

Some guesses were FAR too large...large enough to fit Kenton's head & then some! :P

Georgia won the baby lottery scratch-it!

A set of silly face books from Valerie.

Baby Emma came with her mama, Amy & was such a happy girl. In a room full of teachers, she was not lacking anyone's attention. :)

Jacque, Amy, Becca, Me, Angie & Tamy
(Matthew would have been there too, but it was his daughter's birthday)

37 weeks
Just 13 days to go! We can't wait!

Friday, April 17, 2009

37 weeks - at the park

Jesse & Carolyn were kind enough to agree to take pictures of our family at Hendrick's Park. I've really wanted to make sure we got pictures of my belly before this pregnancy was over & we only have 2 weeks until my scheduled C-section...running out of time. Plus, I wanted Kenton to be in the pictures too. :) Jesse did a great job & I love having photos of me with my boys!

After a while, Finn started shivering & being really clingy. We asked him if he was cold & said "I not cold, I 'fraid." We weren't really sure what he meant, but Kenton had a feeling he was getting sick. When we got home, we took his temperature & he had a fever of 103 degrees. Poor kid. He was such a good sport taking pictures when he felt so crummy. Thankfully, he had a good night of sleep & started feeling better by the next day...but not before getting a morning at home with Daddy! Sounds like they had a good time together. :)

baby shower

My sisters, Carolyn & my mom worked together to throw a baby shower for me & our new little guy. Gretchen & Josh worked very hard to finish projects in their new home & hosted the shower.

Gretchen, Me & Becca in front of the beautiful fireplace that Josh tiled.

Gretchen, Carolyn, Me, Becca, & Mom
Everything looked lovely - they worked so hard to make my shower special & lots of women came to show their support & share our excitement! So fun! :)

It's amazing how little the clothes are! I forget how tiny babies start out. :)

Matching jammies for my boys. It's going to be so fun for Finn to have a little brother. I am getting so excited to see how their relationship forms. I can't wait to see their reactions to each other. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy easter

We celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday with egg coloring, an egg hunt & dinner with everyone, including Erik & my cousin Dan, his wife Brooke & their twin girls, Summer & Kara. I didn't do a very good job of getting photos of everyone, but I enjoyed the day!

Kenton was very brave & helped Finn color eggs for the very first time. For those who don't know, Kenton strongly dislikes getting messy or letting Finn get messy. Plus, we were all wearing white - bummer. Luckily, I had a change of clothes for Finn & I took over for Kenton as soon as I could. :P

Tyler & his pink/red collection of eggs.

Becca with Cohen & Sadie.

Gretchen, Finn & Mama.
Gretchen's boys colored eggs too...just didn't get them in the photos.

The egg hunt! My parents had the brilliant idea of color coding the plastic eggs. Each child knew which color they were looking for. Finn hunted for purple!

Sweet Griffin. I think he was searching for yellow. I wish I would have taken a photo of all the kids with their bags of color coded eggs. It was pretty cute!

I found one of Finn's! About halfway through finding his eggs, one opened up & he realized there were treats & toys in them! Then he wanted to open each one. We still managed to save some of his treats for later. :)

Our family.
Finley (2 yrs 5 mos), Kenton, & Katrina (36 weeks pregnant)

Finn enjoying a peep. I was pretty proud that he seemed to appreciate the yumminess of a peep, since I could not partake this year...a little too much sugar for the pregnant lady with Gestational Diabetes. :P Next year, I will be ready for those peeps!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

36 weeks

Here are a few favorites from a little family photo shoot. I'm sure I'll share more soon. Kenton did a great job capturing some sweet moments with me & my little boys. :)

I've reached 36 weeks, which pretty much means that baby #2 could come at any time & be safe & healthy. We're still shooting for our May 1st scheduled C-section...only 20 days away. We can't wait to meet our new baby boy & are marking things off the list to get ready for his arrival. Honestly, I really can't wait to eat whatever I want! I've been given permission from my doctor to order milkshakes in the hospital after he's born! Yumm! I'll try not to go too crazy... ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

gretchen's birthday

On Sunday, April 5th, we celebrated Gretchen's 31st Birthday (3 days early) at my parent's house, after church. It was one of the very few warm, sunny days that we've had this Spring - my 2 week Spring Break was just ending & there were only 2 warm, sunny days during the whole 2 weeks! Such a bummer. But we were so happy to be celebrating Gretchen's birthday in the sun! :)

35 weeks - just 4 weeks left until my scheduled C-section! So excited to meet this new, little person...

Josh made another delicious cheesecake - butterscotch this time! I was pretty excited because cheesecake doesn't have too many carbs, so I got to enjoy a wonderful slice! Yumm...cutting out desserts has been harder than I thought it would be. :\

There were also cupcakes for the kids to enjoy!

So yummy! Happy Birthday, Gretchen!