Sunday, May 10, 2015

mother's day 2015

 Just a couple of groups shots from a very lovely Mother's Day. After church, we enjoyed lunch & dessert at my parent's house. Then during Elsa's nap, Kenton cleaned the house while I got to go shopping for some new clothes & plants! Yay! We went to Kenton's parent's house for dinner from P.F. Chang's (so no one had to cook!). :)

Memaw with her grand kids.

 The mamas.

 Mummi & Pappa with their sons & grand kids.

 Our kids were kinda done with photo shoots, but we wanted some of just us.

 A funny out take...just to keep it real! ;)

 My three sweet blessings.

 Closest I could get to a smile. :P

The boys had so much fun running around with & being chased by Trooper. It's good for them to have this fun puppy to play with! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

spring soccer for cedar

What a great season! Cedar played spring soccer with the same coach & many of the same players as he had during fall soccer. He improved this season & scored several goals during his games! We love watching this boy run super fast when he goes for the ball. He doesn't back down & sticks with it! Way to go, Cedar!

After his last game, his team (the Green Machines!) celebrated with pizza, popsicles & medals. It was a beautiful, sunny day! The perfect end to the season.

fiesta cultural 2015

 Fiesta is always such a crazy long day & night, but I do enjoy it immensely. It can be hard to see the kids through the tears in my eyes at times. They all do such a great job! They sing & dance their hearts out & this mama loves it sooo much. :)

 There's Finley!

 Principal Senor Cuadros

 Cedar got to stand on stage with the other kindergartners & fifth graders to sing a couple of songs.

 Then Maestra Sanguino's kinders performed first. Can you see Cedar?

 Maestra Andina's Second graders. Finley's wearing blue pants.

 There's Griffin!

 Then Cohen!

 And Ronan! He's a fifth grader so this is his last fiesta!


Kenton's parents rescued Elsa (& us) & took her home after Finley's performance. She was done before the performances even started. :]