Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day weekend camping trip

Rather than hang around town with the Henry family in San Diego (including Finn & Kenton) & the Hecht family camping at the coast, I decided to take on camping with Cedar. It may not have been easier than hanging around town, but it was more fun...even with the rain & the constant movement/exploring/running away from the 2 year old. :P

We followed the Ruddicks to the camp site & went for a walk after we set up camp & ate dinner. Memaw & Papa arrived as we were eating, but stayed behind to set up their site.

Running boy!

Friday was a beautiful day & I'm so glad we explored on the dunes that evening!

Lake Cleowox

Uncle Josh kept the kids entertained by pulling them on the sleds.

So much room to run & play!

Ronan & Griffin wore their sweatshirts backwards & put their hoods over their faces to keep the sand out of their eyes. :P

We climbed to the top of the dune! On the way up, Cedar yelled out to Ronan (who was struggling towards the end), "You can do it!" :)

Mama & Cedar

Cedar loved sliding back down the dune.

But he couldn't pass up another ride, along with Griffin.

Tate, Gretchen & Cedar

Later that evening, the Chases arrived & set up their site. Sleeping was a little rough on everyone & then we woke up to misty drizzle that lasted all day Saturday & resulted in big drips constantly falling from the trees. :\ Thankfully, Josh & Gretchen brought two canopies & we had some space to stay dry.

Me & the busy boy. I stayed pretty dry, but Cedar was constantly exploring in the bushes, falling on the ground & putting his hands in the dripping water. He did not stay dry. But it didn't seem to bother him!

The big kids, playing with the camp fire.

Aaron & Becca, playing a game called Blink, I think. :)

Sadie & Cedar with his blankie.

Memaw was brave & brought supplies for tie-dying!

Heavy umbrella!

My cousin Dan & his family came on Saturday afternoon.

Aaron & Tyler playing Carcassonne, while Dan & Papa played music.

Cedar spent a lot of time walking along the curb behind our car. He liked naming the letters he recognized from the back of the car & the license plate. :P

Memaw also brought the tools for making HUGE bubbles!
Kara, Summer & Dan seemed to have a lot of fun! ;)

Cedar did too & managed to soak his clothes again! But, he still did not mind. :P

The bubble master!

Cohen & Griffin were great sports & let Cedar pop SO many bubbles. :)

Huge bubble!

The boys using their tools, while everyone packed up.

Tyler & Aaron played another game of Carcassonne, while Brooke visited. I was happy that I had a chance to teach them on Saturday, while Memaw got Cedar down for a nap! :)

Yet again, Memaw provided supplies for another fun activity! The 2-year-olds loved painting with water colors!

The whole group!
Brooke & Dan were the first to depart, since they had to drive 4 hours to get home to Portland! Thanks so much for coming out, guys! We really enjoyed visiting & playing. :)


Silly faces!

Cedar & Mama

*Special thanks to Jesse & Carolyn for lending me their tent & sleeping pad & lantern & head lamp! :P I wouldn't have made it without your help! ;)

happy *early* father's day

On Wednesday, June 15th, we celebrated Father's day with Kenton. He & Finn had a trip to San Diego over Father's Day weekend, so we wanted to send him off prepared!

Finley made a cool plaque at preschool. He was so excited to tell us which rock represented each family member (the plaque says "My Family Rocks!"). Such a cute idea! :)

Watching Dad open some gifts.

We gave him some snacks for the road trip.

And new swim trunks! Also a few t-shirts & a new movie!

Happy Father's Day Kenton! Cedar & I sure missed you on the actual day & SO much throughout the whole weekend! It's not the same without you & we're ready to have our whole family back together. You are such a great dad, so creative, playful, fun & loving. I love parenting with you & am so thankful to have you by my side!

promotion & graduation

On Tuesday, June 14th, we attended the Grace Community Preschool Graduation & Promotion.

Finley completed his first year of preschool & will be moving up to the prekindergarten class in the fall!

We are so proud of how much Finley learned & grew this year! He is so creative & his new found love of letters, numbers & drawing has been so fun to witness.

He, of course, had his cousin Griffin by his side & they will continue into the next class together, as well! Miss Debby's class did a great job singing & they were all so fun to watch!

After they performed, Miss Debby said a little something about each child. She made an acrostic for each child's name & Finley's was :

Up next was Ethan & Macey's class!

Miss Jenn also spoke about each child & talked about what she loved about each of them. :)

Cohen's class

I love Cohen's expression as Miss Deena talks about him. :)
Cohen graduated from preschool & will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall!

My big boy!

We sure love Miss Chelsea & Miss Debby!
I know Finley will miss having Miss Debby as a teacher. We're excited to meet his new teacher & are thankful that Miss Chelsea will still come in to his class for snack & story time!

The Novemberists!

Gretchen, Griffin & Josh

Becca & Cohen
(Aaron was around, but in a meeting, I think)

Our family

Finn & Miss Debby!
Thanks for a great year - we've had so much fun!