Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wanna see if I can get two pix to post.
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test from my phone

I haven't tried to post from phone yet, so here's a test

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test from my phone

I haven't tried to post from phone yet, so here's a test
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first visitors of 2011

Marylee & Lew (Kenton's grandparents) came for a visit & arrived on New Year's Eve. They were gracious enough to help watch our boys so that we could celebrate that night with friends. The next day, we brought over eggs & pancakes for a late breakfast.

We also got to eat together on Sunday, after church. Outi made a delicious roast.

She gathered us together for a group photo. Finn was really interested in helping her arrange everyone, so she let him set up the next shot. :)

Here's his configuration.
Not bad Finn! You may just have a future in photography. I love your smile in this photo. I'm so proud of you & your great ideas!

new year's eve

We had a great New Year's Eve this year! Kevin & Outi watched our boys with the help of Marylee & Lew, who came over for a visit, so that we could go out with friends!

We met up with Carolyn, Jesse, Brian, Stu & Jacque at PF Chang's for Happy Hour!

Carolyn, Jesse, Brian

Kenton, Katrina, Stu & Jacque

Then we gathered at Stu & Jacque's house for a champagne toast. I stole this photo from Jesse cause it just turned out so great! I love this picture! I love my friends. :)

Here's my much less interesting group shot. Everyone looks great, it just doesn't have the same impact as the first one. ;) We all were wearing crowns that came in some party poppers that Carolyn & Jesse shared with us.

After a bit, we made our way over to Lane County Ice to watch the Eugene Generals' Hockey game. This was our first time watching our local team. was cold in there! Luckily, they sell VERY tasty hot cocoa in the concession stand. Their fries were delicious too. We might have to go back just for the snacks!

Courtesy smile from Brian! :P

Jacque, Carolyn, Stu & Jesse participated in Huck a Puck. You try to throw a puck into the middle of the rink to be the closest to a hula hoop to win the prize. I think the prize was money, but I missed that part. No one in our group won. :\

Go Generals!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the game by the glass & got to see some pretty rough smashes. We didn't end up winning, but at the end of the game the ref knocked on the glass & threw the game puck to Kenton! Cool!

After the game, we picked up the kids & came home. Finn fell asleep on the way home & Cedar fell asleep as soon as I laid him down in his bed - didn't make it to midnight this year. :) Stu & Jacque went home after the hockey game but Carolyn, Jesse & Brian came home with us. We played Carcassonne & watched the Times Square New Year's celebration.

I think Carolyn won!

Happy New Year!

2011! Woohoo! What a fun night. We loved spending the evening/late night with our good friends & brother. :)

christmas mid-day

The Hecht family gathered at my parents' house just before noon. Altogether, we are a group of 17 so it is always a big, busy, energetic gathering when we are all there. Plus the pile of presents is huge! ;)

Heroscape guys for Tyler!
Uncle Kenton has no problem thinking of gifts for his 10 year old nephew.

Griffin has such a cool dad!

Cedar took full advantage of the grown-ups being distracted & the cookies being within climbing distance.

He probably took a bite or two out of 8 different cookies before the cookies finally got moved. We were slow learners that morning...much to his perceived benefit, I'm sure. ;) Oh well, it was Christmas!

Cool R2D2 lunch box from Uncle Erik.

Littlest Pet Shop toys for Sadie!

I drew Erik's name this year & now he is the proud owner of a waffle maker! And a french press coffee brewer thing. :)

Kenton got many of the tools that were on his wishlist. This is the first year that he actually wanted tools. He must be growing up. :P

My mom drew my name & thoroughly spoiled me!

She made an apron for me & did such a great job picking fabrics that are totally "me". :) Plus it looks cute hanging in my kitchen. Gotta love that!

Kenton drew my dad's name & got him...

...a wireless printer! Yay Black Friday! ;)

A calendar for Memaw & Papa!

This year, Papa helped out in Santa's work shop! He made wooden dinosaur puzzles for the smallest cousins...

...Jolly Roger climbing toys for the preschoolers...

...& stilts for the grade schoolers! So cool! All of the kids loved their homemade toys.

Everyone tried out the stilts.

I know that Tyler has already mastered his & taught others. I need to try them out again when I'm not wearing dressy shoes. I wanna figure them out!

What a Merry Christmas we had. We are so blessed to have our family so close. We loved celebrating with all of our favorite people!

christmas morning

While the kids were sleeping, Santa set up one of the gifts Finn received from Mummi & Pappa - a Playmobil castle! Finn woke up earlier than usual & came in to let us know he saw some gifts under the tree. He was so excited to see that his castle was ready to play with & so impressed that Santa had set it up. Fun! :)

We woke up Cedar so that he could join the fun.

I was so excited to see Cedar open this gift. We had borrowed this book from the library & kept renewing it over & over because he loved it so much. So for Christmas, we got him the board book version. He definitely remembered his favorite book!

He remembered all of his favorite parts & loves to bring his new book to us to be read over & over again.

Kenton was the most excited about giving Finn this Nerf Sniper rifle.

The box showed a kid holding the gun, but we decided the kid in the picture must be a giant! This gun is SO big. Finn is very motivated to hold it though & has had a lot of fun using it with Dad.

A combo grand finale gift from us: a Duplos tunnels & balls building set. They've had lots of fun with this set & so have we! :)

christmas eve

We celebrated Christmas with the Henrys on Christmas Eve with a ham dinner, sweet potatoes, salad, potatoes. All things yummy.

Aforementioned yummy salad. :)

The boys. Just so handsome. I love them so.

Cedar loves his Uncle Brian.

New matching jammies for the boys. The perfect gift on Christmas Eve.

Cedar & Finley helped me make a sign for Pappa. They provided the hand prints, of course.

A photo calendar for Mummi - filled with photos of her grandsons. :)

We received many thoughtful gifts & had a great time enjoying & playing with them. The boys fell asleep on the way home, but Finn asked us to wake him up when Santa came. Of course, we couldn't do that...but I could hardly wait until morning! :)