Thursday, August 25, 2011

mom's of grace family bbq

On Sunday, July 31st, the Schar's hosted a family barbeque for the Mom's Of Grace group. We were excited to be able to attend an evening event for the group, since they usually meet while I'm working. :) I made a Raspberry Crisp following this recipe & it was so tasty!

The kids always get a kick out of checking out the Schar's chickens. She probably has more than twice as many as us! So fun!

Such a great gathering place for parties!

Happy Cedar!

Happy Tate!
These two were the only ones strapped in their seats, so they were the ones I could photograph. ;)

Yummy yummy!

Cedar & Mama in the hammock.

Sweet Emma, Cedar & Macey girl!
I really think the Green girls look alike in this photo! :)

Ava & Finn
This photo was posted on Facebook by Katie T. It cracks me up! Ava could see through the mesh on the back of the hat, but Finn's expression is so great. :P

Tayden, Finn & Macey wrestling over a ball. I *think* they were having fun! ;)

The little kids had lots of fun dropping rocks down the grate.

Malia got the littler kids in on the football fun! :)

Group photo!
Such a great turnout! I wish I could participate with this group during the week, but I am thankful for the events that I've been able to attend. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ronan's birthday

On Saturday, July 30th, we went to the Ruddicks' house for Ronan's 7th birthday celebration!

Gretchen made a cute concessions stand.

Their back patio is so beautiful!

The kids all lined up for the pinata - homemade by Ronan & Memaw.

Emma's turn.
All the kids got multiple shots - it was a strong pinata!

Finley's turn.

Cedar joining in.

Ronan with the metal bat. They ended up letting Ronan swing away with all his might & he was still unable to break open the pinata. Finally, Josh stepped in & took several strong swings before it broke open.

Much of the candy was crushed & broken, but the kids still managed to come home with lots of loot! :P Some of the army men that were in the pinata lost limbs! It was quite funny. The strongest pinata ever! :)

The Novemberists are ready to watch Ronan open presents.

A gift from us...

A Nerf battle axe & skinny jeans (at Ronan's request - he loves anything to do with skaters or rock stars)! ;)

Baseball cupcakes!

What a fun party, Ronan! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day! We love you so much & had a great time celebrating YOU! :)