Sunday, October 19, 2008

big news

So, I figured it was about time to get back to blogging after such a long absence. I'm getting so very behind on all that's happening in our lives & it's about time I made an official announcement that I'm going to have a baby! :) We are so very excited to be expecting our second child & can't wait to experience the new baby stage all over again!
(our baby bean is laying on it's back in the photo with it's head on the left, feet on the right - for those who may struggle with understanding an ultrasound image) :P

This was taken at my first doctor appointment on October 6th. I was 9 weeks pregnant then & now I am 11 weeks - on Thursday, I will be 12 weeks or 3 months along. My due date is May 7th, 2009 but I will be scheduling a C-section about a week before that date. I am excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, but I have to wait until December 12th! I know time will zip by during those holiday months, but it feels like a very long time to wait. :)

Anyway, please keep our growing family in your prayers! We are in the process of getting our new house ready with new paint, carpet, tile, etc. We're hoping to move in before Finn's 2nd birthday (November 6th) but that all depends on when the carpet can be installed. So for now, we wait, while working on the house & staying with Kenton's parents. It has been really nice to be with family & to have Brian back in town. There are always extra eyes on Finn, which has been so helpful...especially as I am not always feelings 100%. So far, I've just been feeling vomiting. Yay! :) I will keep everyone posted as my pregnancy progresses & will try to post before & after photos of our new house as soon as possible.


Jax said...

Yay! Baby ;-)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's so exciting!!! Maybe I'll get to see this little one while he or she is still little -- if I come out for the reunion next year. But, aww, that's so exciting and I'm so happy for you guys!

El King Kong said...

Pregnant women are sooo beautiful!!

Samantha said...

Congratulations! We can't wait to come see all of you. I really missed you while you were "away" - not blogging. LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another adorable Henry baby. :) Congratulations you two!