Monday, September 7, 2009

california, part 4: in-n-out

Sunday evening, we met up with my parents, siblings & the Barretts at In-N-Out! This was one of the three meals we ate there over the course of the week. We love In-N-Out & have to get our fill while we can. :)

My cousin Melissa had baby Lincoln 3 months before Cedar was born. It was fun to see them next to each other, occasionally noticing each other. :)

3 months apart, but Cedar's not much shorter than Lincoln. A little lighter though.

My mom with her sister, Nancy & their grandbabies. :)

All 7 grandchildren, together in California!
Griffin (2 1/2), Tyler (9), Cohen (3 1/2), Memaw, Cedar (almost 4 mos), Sadie (6), Ronan (5), Finn (2 1/2) & Papa

Silly faces with Mama!

Beautiful sunset (partially due to smog & smoke from wild fires) over the In-N-Out parking lot. :) Really, very lovely.

Note: I should have divided these posts by "days" instead of "parts". There are many more "parts" to come, since this is only day 3 of our 7 day vacation. :) But I can't leave anything out, it was such a great visit with the people we love! :) So stay tuned...I will get through these photos as soon as possible.

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