Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We met up with my sisters & their kids at the Valley River Mall to make the rounds at all the stores.

We got there 30 minutes after trick-or-treating had started & about half the stores were out of candy already! We were pretty shocked at how many people were at the mall. Here Finn is getting a sticker, since this store was out of candy. :P

Finn also had stubbed his toe earlier in the day so he didn't want to walk.

After the mall we trick-or-treated at Memaw & Papa's house!

Sisters + Mom

The guys!

Memaw & Papa gave glow-necklaces to all the kids. Fun!

The grandkids
Baby Dragon (Cedar - sleeping), Boo! (Tyler), Ninja (Ronan), Kitty (Memaw), Belle (Sadie), Skeleton (Papa), Pterodactyl (Finn), Black Widow (Griffin), Batman (Cohen)

After visiting my parents, we trick-or-treated at Mummi & Pappa's house! They surprised us by being dressed up too - they were all wearing old costumes that Kenton had worn as a kid/teenager. Outi was there too, wearing a joker costume, but didn't want to go public with her costume. :)

Close-up of Cedar, since he spent much of the evening snoozing in his car seat. I love that his dragon costume looks like a sleepy dragon. :)