Wednesday, May 2, 2012

easter sunday

 This Easter, we surprised our boys with baby chicks!  This was something that I remember fondly from my childhood.  I don't know how often my parents got us chicks for Easter, but those Easters definitely stick out in my memory.  :)

 Easter baskets are all ready to go...

 Time to wake the sleepy boys so we can enjoy a quick egg hunt before church!

 Barely awake...

 ...but awake enough to smile at the tiny chicks!  :)

 We got 6 chicks...which brings our total to 15.  We lost 3 to raccoons in the fall & we have 3 that turned 2 this year & will slow down on their egg production.  So 6 seemed like a good number to increase the number of eggs we'll be getting!

 Filling his basket with hidden eggs.

 Zooming by!

 So fun!

 At church, all the cousins & second cousins lined up for a photo.
Ronan, Finley, Cedar, Cohen, Griffin, Tyler, Tate, Summer, Sadie & Kara

 We had to convince Finley to cooperate for an outside photo shoot.

 That's a little better.
I had straightened my hair & Cedar didn't approve.  He asked me to "make it bigger."  :P

 The Henrys
Brian, Outi, Kevin, Katrina, Kenton, Cedar & Finley
We may have bribed the two youngest ones with a treat if they smiled.  Cedar was quick to oblige!  :)

 The Ruddicks
Josh, Tate, Gretchen, Griffin & Ronan

 The Chases
Becca, Aaron, Cohen, Sadie & Tyler

 The original Hecht 6!
We were excited that Erik came down from Seattle for the weekend!

 The Murphy Hecht family
Dan, Brooke, Summer & Kara

 4 cousins up in a tree, in their nice Easter clothes...yikes.  :\

 A few more photos.
The girls.

 The guys.

 Kenton had to video the 2nd service, so the boys & I went to Starbucks for a little coffee date while we waited for him to be done.

 Then we were off to the Henry's home for a ham dinner...with mimosas!  :)

 I helped prepare a salad.  Outi made everything else!  What a treat!

 So lucky to have a sunny day!

 We watched a squirrel getting into the bird food.

 Nice work, squirrel.

 The original Henry 4!  ;)

 Finley enjoyed the ham!

 Cedar & Mummi.  I'm sure Cedar enjoyed the rolls!  ;)

Relaxing after dinner with their games...

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