Monday, September 30, 2013

meeting the world

 Our family was waiting patiently for word that we were ready for visitors!
Papa & Memaw with their 9th grandchild.

 Pappa with his 3rd grandchild.  
(Mummi was still in Finland for another day.)


 Aunt Becca

 Aunt Gretchen

 The big brothers!
They could not be any happier to meet their baby sister.  Such sweet boys.  Here is the first photo of our family of FIVE!

 Time for more Mama snuggles.

 My sisters.

 Another one with my parents.

 And Finley needed a turn!  He still loves holding his sister.

 A few friends came & met Elsa on her birthday.  Stu & Jacque came with their two week old, Edison.

 Later, Carolyn & Jesse & my coworker, Becca, came & met our daughter.  We missed capturing some of those moments with our camera.  :\

 Pretty sky out our window.

My parents watched the boys while we were in the hospital & they brought them back after dinner for another visit.  :)

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