Monday, April 27, 2015

cedar's early mario birthday party

 We celebrated Cedar's 6th birthday with a Mario party the weekend before his actual birthday. He's been dreaming up this party since we were in the planning stages of Finley & Cohen's Harry Potter party. :)

I took these pictures before the party started, then came the final down pour of the day & all the food had to be rushed inside. I was pretty bummed, but we still managed to keep the party in the backyard & it all worked out.

 The badges, mustaches & crowns were a hit!

 The Boo balloons came out of Finley's creative mind. :)

 Love these 4 so much!

 I made a pull-string pinata for the first time. The birthday boy felt pretty special to be the only one to pull the string! :)

 Threatening but beautiful clouds.

 Cedar's turn to receive a mama-made quilt.

 He picked the fabrics himself & was quite pleased!

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