Tuesday, December 25, 2007

favorite photos...

There were so many fun highlights from our Christmas day...these are just some of them (+ these photos turned out the best).

Kenton & I celebrated on Christmas Eve after Finn had gone to bed. Not exactly as we planned, but we had such a busy day planned for Christmas (trying to get to two different celebrations before noon) that we chose to celebrate early.

However, we did get a chance to show Finn what Daddy-Santa put together the night before. It was really fun to see the excitement in his little face over his new, big car. We hardly ever buy new toys for Finn & they're usually second hand when we do buy toys, so we enjoyed seeing his first reaction to the gift. The first thing he did (of course) was say "Ooooh." :)

What a face!

He's a very good driver. This car, by the way, is totally "Finley-powered." No noises or lights, no motor or anything. He moves it by walking with his feet (like a Flintstones car). It comes with little tools that work on the screws & bolts in the engine. So as he gets older, he can work on his car like Daddy. :) (Plus we got a great deal!)

Doesn't look like a very happy Santa.

Sadie, enjoying her gift from us.

We started the morning at the Henry household (Kenton's parents) along with Kenton's grandparents, 3 out-of-town aunts, uncle, & cousin. Including Finn it was 13 people in all. I've only celebrated Christmas day with Kenton's parents once since we've been married & I've never spent the day with his extended family. It was such a treat to have so many people in town & we are so thankful to have his family living in Eugene.

Next we boogied to the Hecht household to celebrate with my parents, brother, sisters & their families. We made a group of 15! Finn actually napped for about an hour while we opened gifts, but was awake for his Grand Finale: a toy guitar & drum, so he can play Rockband with Dad! :) It always starts out a little crazy but soon each nephew or niece opens a gift that sparks their excitement & things begin to mellow down as they get lost in play.

After eating yummy sandwiches with my family, we headed back to the Henry's house for a full, Christmas dinner, complete with turkey, ham, stuffing, candied yams, potatoes & pecan pie for dessert. We were beyond full & enjoyed every bite!

It was a full day & Finn passed out during the car ride home. Tomorrow we'll spend some time relaxing at home, in between playing with Finn's new toys. But we're looking forward to Uncle Brian's 21st birthday! :)


ProfessR said...

WOW! Great summary of a very fun and full Christmas Day! Finn was such a joy to watch at his 1st 'interactive Christmas'! C-:[]>*
Enjoy the 21st birthday of "Uncle Brian"!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fun Christmas! :) I love the close up picture of Finn in his new car and his sweet little smile. I also think the picture of Sadie on the sit and spin is RAD! :) Nice shot!