Monday, December 10, 2007

morning hair

Finn is officially walking! He started about a week ago. He walks everywhere. He can even lift up to standing without any help - which makes him so proud! He gets really excited when he's walking & really seems to enjoy himself! :) I can't believe we have a walking boy. It's weird for me... He's not nursing anymore + he's walking = he's not a baby anymore. :( But this is definitely a fun stage. He's starting to talk more. He says "Hi" to everyone (we make friends wherever we go!). We're pretty sure he calls me "Baba" instead of Mama. He also says "goggie" for doggie.

We live near the Eugene airport & hear planes fairly often. Whenever they fly overhead, Finn waves his hand in the air like an airplane & makes an "airplane" noise. :) He waves bye-bye to everyone & night-night (to Daddy). And if I'm really lucky, he gives me kisses. He likes to tickle toes, but he's still learning to be gentle. His favorite thing in the world to do is to turn on the X-box by pushing the "X" in the middle of the controller. It lights up green & a second later the console turns on. Very exciting stuff!

Anyway, I felt like I needed to make notes of all the things Finley is doing at 13 months. Hopefully we'll get our Christmas tree tonight & I'll get to post some holiday photos of our house. I feel like this year I am busier than I have ever been before. Working on projects, shopping, cleaning, working, thinking about sending a Christmas card... Harder to get everything done now that there's a little boy following me everywhere. :) But worth every second!

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Anonymous said...

That's just darn amazing. He's such a cool kid. I can't wait to get reaquainted with him! I can't wait to see your house and Christmasy! We got a tree!!! We'll put up pictures soon!