Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ear infection

So sad. I knew he wasn't feeling well when he let me hold him for an hour. He's never that mellow. We have a very busy boy who rarely stops moving. But he was all cuddles. He wasn't sad as long as I was holding him & he was holding my cell phone (while it played music).

I did manage to get a few giggles out of him though. Bonks on Mama's head are always funny! Finn is feeling much better today. He still has a cough, which hopefully won't disturb his sleep tonight. It's pretty heart breaking to hear him coughing in bed & to not be able to do anything about it.

Finn's new word of the day: hippo ("ippo") :)


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about Finn's first ear infection ): We hope he feels better soon and that you guys get lots of cuddle time with him (:

Jax said...

awwww...poor finley! i do hope that tonight is better. it is so cute when he talks! is mommy teaching him the sound that the hippo makes too? cause i know she does a mean elephant! ;-)