Sunday, January 27, 2008

this morning we woke up to...


Finley didn't know what to think of all that snow! Nearly 3 inches, but it was still coming down hard! We had over-slept for church (whoops!), but Kenton attempted to make it there anyway. He made it out the driveway, but decided it wasn't the wisest thing to do. The road was covered with inches of snow! So we bundled up & got ready to play!

Our street in the background, covered in snow. You can just barely see Kenton's tire tracks, where he stopped & backed right up. :)

Quite a different experience at the playground than we had last week.

Our little house with so much snow! So pretty.

Tackling Daddy.
We went out to play a second time when Mummi & Pappa Henry came over.

Finn was getting pretty cold & tired at this point.

Some of the snow flakes were really big!

After Finn's nap, we walked to Golden Garden ponds (very near our house). This was our third time playing outside today! It had stopped snowing & we were able to stay pretty dry. We brought our sled & found some fun hills.

Blue sky peaking through the clouds.

Yay for snow! We were so excited to get so much. We always consider ourselves lucky if we get to see any snow in Eugene. So today was a wonderful treat! And Finley loves the snow. He calls it "no" least, I think he's trying to say snow. He could just be telling me no. :\


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's trying to say "snow!"
Finn looks like he is really enjoying the white stuff.

Emily said...

Wow! That looks like a lof of snow! I'm so jealous! :( We've been having a lot of cold and rainy weather here lately, but snow would be so much better!

Jax said...

you guys are such a cute family! look at you playing in the snow!

Gretchen Ruddick said...

I like the pictures you took of the pretty in the snow! I hope you had a fun "no school day"!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY WINTER! YAY FOR SNOW! Isn't it great that we got the snow on the weekend so dads and moms were able to play with their kids?? Finn looks like a regular snow loving finnish-alaskan-oregonian! So cute! Great photos, Katrina!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun! I remember the last time we built a snowman, you were pregnant and didn't know it, now look at your little boy! Crazy! Your house looks beautiful.. I miss it! I miss you guys too! I hope your pipes don't freeze... watch out for eels...

Shaheen & Melissa said...

That is so neat!! That would never happen here!! The pictures are so cute, looks like soooo much fun!! I was actually in the snow that same weekend. beautiful!!