Wednesday, November 19, 2008

two year check-up

Today was Finn's 2 year check-up with his doctor. I was pretty impressed with how well he did in the waiting room & then again while we were with the doctor & nurse. The nurse asked him to walk over & stand on the scale to be weighed & he walked right over like such a big kid. He stood on the scale & weighed 29.6 lbs - in the 70th percentile. Then she tried to get him to stand against the wall to measure his height. He kept trying to look up at the nurse or turn around. Then he started standing on his tip toes to make his head touch the measuring device. :P She ended up having him lay down on the table to measure him. He is 36.75 inches - 3 feet tall! That's the 95th percentile! Such a tall boy. :)

He sat very still while the doctor checked his ears & mouth & listened to his lungs. He's been fighting off a cough for the last week & the doctor could hear wheezing in his lungs. So, he prescribed Albuterol to help clear him out. Good thing he likes taking medicine. He had Finn walk across the room, which wasn't a problem for Finn & then I asked Finn to show the doctor how he can jump. His doctor said most 2 year olds don't jump as well as he does! We're so proud of our busy boy. :)

It was a good check-up, but we'll be going back in a couple weeks to get a flu shot...couldn't do it today because of his cough. Finn didn't have to deal with any shots this time & that made him a happy camper.


Carolyn Williams said...

Nice job, Finn!!! Such a hard working (smart) big boy!

hechtr said...

Hey Big KId, Finn! You're growing up fast and you're sooooo sweet! love you tons!

Memaw & Papa too

Gretchen Ruddick said...

Way to go, Finn! Griffin was exactly 29.6 pounds (with blanky in hand) on Monday when he went to the Dr. They didn't check his height,but I bet he's not quite as tall as Finley. I hope the Albuterol is helping!