Thursday, February 17, 2011

more gymnastics

On the last Friday of my winter break, I took Finn & Cedar to Bounce Gymnastics, using a gift certificate we had received for Christmas.

The boys loved it!

However, I was silly & went by myself...

...of course they would want to go in opposite directions. Why would I expect them to stick together in a huge, open gym. :P

I managed to keep them together for a bit while Finn built a balance beam path for Cedar.

Finn has had so much practice lately, he's a pro!


The next day, we ALL went to Finley's friend Aurora's 4th Birthday party at another gym in town!

All of the cousins were there too! Which also meant, I had lots of interested helpers for Cedar. :)

Way up high!

Cedar liked the foam pit, as long as someone was close by to help when he needed it.

More practice with the beam.

Kenton showed us all up on the rings...I'm pretty sure he was paying for it the next day. :P

Time for snacks & cake!

The lovely birthday girl, Aurora.

Cedar looks like such a big kid in a real chair. :)

Yummy - strawberry cupcakes!

Finn likes to stick close to the action when presents are involved.

All of the kids! What a big group. Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party, Aurora. We ALL had LOTS of fun! :)

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Jacque said...

That colored balance beam is pretty much the coolest balance beam ever! Looks like the boys had a lot of fun!