Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's day

I had some special gifts to give to my two, very sweet Valentines.

Both boys got their very own Pee Wee (mini) Pillow Pets! Apparently, these are big with kids these days.

Finn has been wanting a regular sized Pillow Pet for a few months & we couldn't bring ourselves to buy one, since he already has a giant, soft, stuffed animal that he sleeps with. But I couldn't resist the little ones.

My Valentines
Cedar with his dolphin (I named it Dol-Finley :P) & Finn with his hippo (named Spike Knife Head - guess who named that one!)

Kenton & I were able to meet up after I got off work & go out to lunch. My gift to Kenton (Don Draper inspired pajamas) got delivered while I was at work, so I was able to swing home & pick it up before picking up Kenton. Nice timing!

We ate at Sweet Basil - I love Thai food!

I get the same thing every time - House Special Curry. A little too spicy this time. :\

Pad Thai for Kenton. SO tasty!

For dinner, we got a "heart-shaped" pizza from Papa's Pizza, but on the way home Finn fell asleep. But Cedar seemed to enjoy his special, Valentine's day dinner with us. :) We had a low-key evening & enjoyed being lazy & watching some shows. A good Valentine's Day!

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