Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ronan's birthday

On Saturday, July 30th, we went to the Ruddicks' house for Ronan's 7th birthday celebration!

Gretchen made a cute concessions stand.

Their back patio is so beautiful!

The kids all lined up for the pinata - homemade by Ronan & Memaw.

Emma's turn.
All the kids got multiple shots - it was a strong pinata!

Finley's turn.

Cedar joining in.

Ronan with the metal bat. They ended up letting Ronan swing away with all his might & he was still unable to break open the pinata. Finally, Josh stepped in & took several strong swings before it broke open.

Much of the candy was crushed & broken, but the kids still managed to come home with lots of loot! :P Some of the army men that were in the pinata lost limbs! It was quite funny. The strongest pinata ever! :)

The Novemberists are ready to watch Ronan open presents.

A gift from us...

A Nerf battle axe & skinny jeans (at Ronan's request - he loves anything to do with skaters or rock stars)! ;)

Baseball cupcakes!

What a fun party, Ronan! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day! We love you so much & had a great time celebrating YOU! :)

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