Friday, December 23, 2011

griffin's 5th birthday

 On the day after Thanksgiving, we celebrated Griffin's birthday at our church.  Griffin requested an Angry Birds party & his parents made it happen!

 Josh built an enormous structure with targets to shoot for...
 ...with a home made slingshot!  Incredible!

 They also rented a bounce castle that was super fun.  I tried it.  I did a flip.  I'm pretty proud of myself.  ;)

 Taking turns with the slingshot!

 It was fun for kids of all ages!  :P

 Birthday boy with his awesome cake, decorated by Gretchen.

 Silly Cedar & Sadie.

My Aunt Robin, cousin Elle, & Grandpa Stoerman were able to come to Griffin's party too!  Grandpa was up from Southern California to celebrate Thanksgiving with Aunt Robin's family & they all ended up in Eugene to cheer on Hannah & Elle's football team's State Game against Sheldon (the school we all went to & that's across the street from my parent's house).  Make sense?!  ;)  Also, Erik was in town too!  So we were able to get a quick photo with most of our family members.  :P

 My boys with their Great Grandpa Stoerman!

Finally, the birthday looked a bit dazed while he opened his gifts...not too sure about having an audience?!  But he got LOTS of cool gifts!

Happy Birthday, Griffin!  What an amazing party!  Thanks for inviting us.  :)

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