Friday, December 23, 2011

swimming lessons

 One of Finley's gifts from Mummi & Pappa was 5 weeks of swimming lessons.  They picked him & took him to his lessons, twice a week.  He was super nervous & not at all excited for his first lesson.  But he had a blast & has enjoyed it ever since!

 Mummi & Pappa had a busy evening on this particular day, so we got to take Finn & see him in action!

 He sure loves playing with his teacher, Rachel.  :)

 There are usually 4 kids in his class, but on this day there was only one other little girl.  So Finley got lots of attention!  :)

 Cedar was a good sport for the most part, but definitely required some extra distraction from the pool, via games on Dad's phone.  :)

 All done & shivering!

What a goof!

Thanks for the swimming lessons, Mummi & Pappa!  Finley loved them!

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