Saturday, May 9, 2015

fiesta cultural 2015

 Fiesta is always such a crazy long day & night, but I do enjoy it immensely. It can be hard to see the kids through the tears in my eyes at times. They all do such a great job! They sing & dance their hearts out & this mama loves it sooo much. :)

 There's Finley!

 Principal Senor Cuadros

 Cedar got to stand on stage with the other kindergartners & fifth graders to sing a couple of songs.

 Then Maestra Sanguino's kinders performed first. Can you see Cedar?

 Maestra Andina's Second graders. Finley's wearing blue pants.

 There's Griffin!

 Then Cohen!

 And Ronan! He's a fifth grader so this is his last fiesta!


Kenton's parents rescued Elsa (& us) & took her home after Finley's performance. She was done before the performances even started. :]

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