Saturday, January 2, 2016

finley is 9!

 November 6th. Finley turned nine. I've been a mama for 9 years?! Craziness. ;)

 Rock tumbler!!  Whoop whoop! This kid knows how to have a good time. :P

 We celebrated with Kenton's parents later that evening.

 Silly girl.

 He's got some great expressions. :P

 Skyping with Nanalee.

We opted for a small sleep over in lieu of a big party for Finley this year. He had no hesitation about this choice and was super excited to have his cousins Griffin and Cohen over. We watched Jurassic World and ate junk food. Cohen opted to go home before bed time, but Griffin slept over and the boys all slept really well. It was a really fun ninth birthday.

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