Saturday, January 2, 2016

funny family photo shoot

 This series of photos cracks me up. I wanted to get a quick family photo for our Christmas card, since we were all dressed nicely for Thanksgiving. I set up the tripod and did my best to make it quick. I cannot be held responsible for the silly kids that made me take "just one more" over and over and over again. But I had someone comment on how photogenic we all were, so I thought it might be funny to share a few outtakes. :)

Test shot, but cute Elsa.

 Sweet boys.

 Not bad, but Cedar has a leaf in his mouth.

 Come on, Cedar...




 Trying a different arrangement but now I look out of place.

 I said "Stand up" to Elsa and both boys shot straight up...probably the only time they've ever listened the first time. :\

 We're losing Cedar again!

 Whoops, cut my head off!

Good enough! We'll take it. :)

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