Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here's some evidence that Finn got a haircut. I finally remembered to get a shot of his hair from behind. Memaw did a great job of evening out the back despite all of the squirming. Nice job!

I had to go back to the classroom this afternoon after I picked up Finn (I have a meeting tomorrow that I needed to get ready for). All of the kids were so excited to see him. I was able to let him crawl around and check out all of the toys and the other kids (with help from the other teachers). It was sweet to see the preschoolers interacting with a baby. Not many of the afternoon kids really know me and I don't think any of them remembered Finn, but they were so interested. It was fun. :)

Tonight is the 1 hour Season Premier of The Office! I love that show. It's so weird to have all of the shows starting up again. We barely had the TV on at all this summer. There was nothing to watch and we try not to have it on while Finn is awake. Now there are so many shows on that I don't know which ones we'll choose. So hard not to get hooked on too many. Luckily some of them get canceled and help to make the decision. But I hope they don't cancel Journeyman. We really like the actor and the show seems interesting too.

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