Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daddy would not approve...

I know it's fall, but we played like it was still summer. Finn loves water so much! I can always rely on it to make our time together a little more enjoyable. I probably should have just stripped him down to start with...but he didn't mind.

And of course, we would have been fine if I hadn't walked across the lawn to check on my plants. He crawled right after me through the freshly mowed lawn. His knees were covered in grass and dirt, but the fun had to end when I noticed he had a mouthful of dirt and rocks. Grandma Outi would have been horrified! :) I guess the fun didn't end...it just got moved to the tub! That was our Monday afternoon fun.


Unknown said...

I approve (:
Fun blog...good job!

Jon and Amy said...

Katrina! I love your blog! I will have fun reading it- Now you are tempting me to blog for myself (uh, that sounds funny!)
Thanks for sharing!
Oh, and I also approve of your fun Monday with Finn! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you get all the rocks out? :)
Great blog! --Grandma O.