Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas eve

Whoops! This is out of order. But I can't leave out Christmas eve! After celebrating with our little family, we went to Josh & Gretchen's house for Fettucine Alfredo (some with seafood, some without) & goodies. After dinner, Finn & I helped Gretchen & her boys decorate a gingerbread house. This was Finn's first experience with a gingerbread house & he was definitely more interested in eating the treats! We managed to get a few pieces of candy on the house, but most of them came right back off & into Finn's mouth! :)

Finn opening a gift from Memaw & Papa: jammies & a Peter Pan book!

Ronan & Griffin also got gifts from their parents.

Finn checking out Ronan's Curious George book.

Cute boys!
Ronan & Finn got matching football jammies & Griffin's had monkeys on them.

Memaw & Papa with half of their grandchildren
(the Chases had a family gathering for Aaron's side of the family)

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hechtr said...

SWEET!! I like the photo of Finn 'reading by the fire'-so fitting for Christmas Eve!