Wednesday, December 17, 2008

decorating cookies

Our Bible study group met at our house last night for our Christmas celebration. We made yummy calzones & then decorated cookies! The pictures of the kids turned out much cuter than the pictures of the adults, so here they are. :) Ethan & Macey enjoying their Christmas cookies!

I gave Finn a little bit of frosting a lots of sprinkles to "decorate" his cookie. He spent a bit of time on it before devouring the whole thing!

And then he decorated himself!

Notice the snow on the ground outside the sliding glass door. We've been spoiled by a couple of inches of snow that has actually stayed for a few days! It usually melts right away but the temperature has been staying below freezing for 3 days. Today it might warm up enough to rain...or stay cold enough for snow or freezing rain. Then there's more snow in the forecast tomorrow! So we've been enjoying the lovely, white snow & staying warm indoors. :)

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