Tuesday, January 6, 2009

enjoying our break

After Christmas & New Year's Eve, we tried to make the most of the last few days of our break from work. Of course, this is how Finn would like to spend most of his time: "playing" video games with Dad or, in this case, Jesse. Finn always wants to hold "his" controller (the black one) while "playing." :)

On this day, Carolyn & I were attempting to keep him occupied so the boys could get in a little game time on their day off. Finn would have been fine playing with them, but he was very excited to try out his new paints from Memaw. We had already broken out the white board & markers for him to try, but at this point he really likes to have me or Kenton draw pictures for him. So I was glad to see that he enjoyed doing the painting himself. He mixed lots of colors, but in the end seemed to enjoy black the most. I really like black too, Finn! :)

After dinner, I found him set up like this. :P We got a little lazy with the video watching while on vacation, but this was pretty cute. He is very in love with "The Iron Giant" & talks about robots ("bobots") & Hogarth ("Hoggarse") daily! It's pretty sweet, but we're definitely going to be switching it up a bit now that we're back into our regular routing...not that movies every so often aren't nice & sometimes necessary! ;)

Finn got a new trike from Mummi & Pappa for Christmas! The backpack is from us, also a gift for Christmas (we already had the helmet from our trip to Austin). We love this pack! It's the perfect size for his diapers & wipes + he loves wearing it. He's going to be such a great helper when his little brother arrives. :)

Thanks Mummi & Pappa, for such a fun bike!

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Jax said...

Thats so awesome that Finn got a trike for Christmas. And one with a handy dandy handle for parents to push him with! His little backpack is so cute. Its been so long since we have seen him, or really, even you guys outside of work...