Wednesday, April 22, 2009

baby shower #2

On Saturday, April 18th, my wonderful co-teachers threw a shower for us, inviting everyone that Kenton & I work with.

Left to right: Suzanne, Becca, Angie, Tamy & Lisa.

Stu, Jacque, Lianna, Valerie, Shirley, Georgia, & Amy.
Everyone was placing bets on how big this baby of ours will be, since we already know when he will be long as he doesn't come early.

Another game was to guess how big my stomach was by cutting a piece of string. For the record, everyone guessed too big! I thought it was a little interesting that no one guessed too small, but whatever... ;)

Some guesses were FAR too large...large enough to fit Kenton's head & then some! :P

Georgia won the baby lottery scratch-it!

A set of silly face books from Valerie.

Baby Emma came with her mama, Amy & was such a happy girl. In a room full of teachers, she was not lacking anyone's attention. :)

Jacque, Amy, Becca, Me, Angie & Tamy
(Matthew would have been there too, but it was his daughter's birthday)

37 weeks
Just 13 days to go! We can't wait!


Jon and Amy said...

yay! That was so fun! Thanks again for inviting me- it was so nice to visit with everyone and see what fun things you got for baby Cedar!
(I might have to steal a few of your pictures for my blog!) :)

Jax said...

Wow, I was a crazy picture taking machine. Although, I am going to assume that the Amy took the pictures that I was in. ;-) I had a lot of fun helping to put together the baby shower! Sorry I cut your string too long...but remember, I had never been to a baby shower before and it was my first time sizing a mama's tummy!