Sunday, February 28, 2010

garden progress

After last weekend's tilling, we were motivated to keep working on our backyard (photo from last weekend).

Yesterday, we invited my parents over to help (we're so nice, huh?) & they were up for the challenge. They were watching the Ruddick boys (while Josh & Gretchen were in Sun River on a High School Church Retreat) & our boys loved having their cousins over to play.

We were able to get so much done with their help. We laid weed cloth underneath the pavers & garden boxes & even filled two of the beds with soil.

Lots of trips from the truck to the beds with the wheelbarrow (we borrowed Kenton's parent's truck again - thanks guys!).

Mom smoothed out the soil while Kenton & my dad dumped it in.

Looking good!

Proof that I worked a bit, too.
I'm usually the one behind the camera, of course...but I'm doing some work too! :)

Kenton got a second truck load of soil & a few more pavers. We were able to lay down the rest of the pavers & fill the last two beds after my parents left & before it got dark!! Good thing Cedar is such a good sport...&that Finn was happy to watch a movie while we finished up. We were so exhausted after working from 8 am to 5 pm! And today, I'm definitely feeling sore! But it feels so good to see are garden taking shape.

We still plan on finishing the perimeter of the garden with something...maybe wood chips?? That's on the agenda for next weekend...maybe. :)

Almost time to plant some lettuce!

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hechtr said...

Such a great garden project and Earth Mama Katrina and her man should be proud of the design and execution of it-awesome! You're going to have so much fun tending and watching your garden grow!