Thursday, February 4, 2010

new tricks

Cedar pulled up to standing for the first time about a week ago. Now he's doing it every chance he gets. One of his favorite ways to practice his new trick is while playing with this toy. He was really excited when I got the camera out - I think he was proud of himself! He knows he has figured out how to do something cool! :)

Art work by Finn.
We got the easel & watercolors out a couple of days ago. I was pleased with the amount of control Finn had when he painted. He didn't just cover the paper with paint. He made intentional brush strokes. Proud Mama!

Playing together. It's so great to see moments like this. Finn LOVES Cedar...but is very out of control with him lately. He just wants to squish Cedar...can't really blame him, we all want to squish him! But he's working very hard to keep himself under control while cuddling. So calm moments are praised! (The theme at our house seems to be self-control!) :P

Lately I've been coming into Cedar's room to find him standing in his crib. I'm amazed at how much he has grown up in the last few days/weeks. I guess I didn't really see it coming, since Cedar is only army crawling at this point. I didn't realize he was ready to stand on his own... ;)

I have a similar picture of Finley like this one, with his painted letters above his head. I need to print them & frame them, or something. :)

A little heavy on the Cedar photos today. He was just so happy & interested in the camera...gotta take advantage of those moments when they happen.


Gretchen Ruddick said...

Ronan's response to the Cedar collage, "Ahh, that's a cutie tootie." (:

Samantha said...

WOW cedar is getting so big! I love Finn's watercolor art. We miss you guys and wish we could come see you more. The kids grow up so fast.

hechtr said...

cutie tooties for sure!!