Monday, July 26, 2010

on my own

Kenton flew down to San Francisco to hang out with some of his high school friends from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. So, I enlisted my family to help keep us entertained & me sane. ;)

After work on Friday, I met my mom at Aaron's parent's house to pick blueberries. I caught a sweet photo of the boys taking a snack break while I picked as fast as I could. :)

Good thing I had my mom helping me pick/watch the kids. Every chance he had, Cedar was off getting into trouble. ;)

I had to keep chasing him around & was reminded why it might be a good idea to pick berries without my kids in tow. But thankfully, my mom donated the berries she picked to my stash & I ended up with 3 large-ish bowls. Thanks Mom!

Finn managed to stay out of too much trouble & even picked some weeds out of Lynn's flower beds. :)

On Saturday, we met up with the Chases & my parents at Alton Baker park to attend the Bite of Eugene. Finn got brave & had a blast in the bounce castle after we'd eaten some yummy food from local restaurants.

Cedar watching the bouncers

The bee lady was handing out free honey sticks - ours were pink lemonade flavored! Cedar ate most of mine. :)

Finn with the weird Bite of Eugene mascot & his balloon sword.

We walked to see the ducks in the pond before leaving.

Checking out the island.

We went home for Cedar's nap & invited the Chases over to swim in our pools. The temperature was in the mid 90's & we were hot!

The kids took full advantage of the pool & even made the slide into a water slide. By the end, the pool was more than 1/2 empty & the grass was a bit swampy, but everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Henrys invited us over for dinner & it was nice to relax for a bit without having to prepare a meal. :) We also were able to go to my parent's house after church on Sunday for lunch & Cedar's nap. I definitely don't think I would have stayed sane without the help. I'm so thankful that our families live so close! And I am very thankful to have Kenton home. The boys did great & were very nice to me, but nothing beats having another set of hands & an extra fun playmate/supportive husband around! :)

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