Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer fun

At the beginning of July, we watched the Ruddick boys so that Josh & Gretchen could go to a birthday dinner for a friend. It was a hot day, so we had the tiny pool filled with water. The boys played really well together & had a great time!

This picture cracks me up - censored for Cedar's sake. :) All 3 big boys patiently waiting their turn as the naked toddler takes his time his time on the slide. At least the big boys seem amused. ;)

Goofing around is so much fun! We've since acquired a slightly larger pool, which would accommodate the cousins a bit better. :)

Finn has also been learning to ride a bike with training wheels. Our neighbor, Dave, dug this bike out of a dumpster with Finn in mind. :P Our kind of friend! We love a great find, for free!

Wandering around while big brother rides his bike.

It's a girl's bike...but that's ok! Finn doesn't know the difference. :)

Cedar's doing great with the whole walking thing...still takes lots of tumbles & often has a bump, bruise or scrape on his face. :( All part of the learning process... He's trying to run, so I'm sure the tumbles are far from over. :| Cedar's a good sport, though!

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