Friday, August 13, 2010

vbs performance

Finn was able to attend the Vacation Bible School that our church ran this summer. It was a whole week of fun, singing & learning, plus they put on a performance at the end! I was SO excited!

Finn sat with his cousins, Griffin & Cohen, & did a really great job being quiet & sitting still.

He followed along so well & sang when he knew the words.

He also did the motions & kept a close eye on me or Kenton the whole time. It was SO sweet & we were SO incredibly proud. This was our first time seeing him in this sort of setting. It was just great. We really appreciated the opportunity to watch him perform & for him to learn so much! As you can imagine, with over 130 kids 3 years old-5th grade, there were a lot of funny kids. But I was so focused on my son that I missed a lot of the silly moments. :)

Finn had a lot of fans in the audience! Pappa & Mummi.

Papa & Memaw

Jesse & Carolyn
(They told us that this was the most they'd laughed in a long time! Kids are so funny!) :P

And of course, his adoring parents & brother!

We couldn't be more proud, Finn! And we had such a great time!

Here's a 2 minute video of one of the songs the kids performed. Finn sure looks like he had fun too! :) Not the best video quality - sorry.


Anonymous said...

Heartwarming! I love all those kids! -Finn's Mummi

Samantha said...

Charis says "Finn, you did a great job!" We love that song. And loved getting to watch you sing and dance to it!

Unknown said...

that was super cute! I am so glad I glad you posted this. Finn did great. So proud! - Stephanie

Unknown said...
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