Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we have eggs!

On August 10th, we discovered our first egg! A wonderful anniversary gift. :)

We soon discovered that Dorothy was the one laying eggs. She has laid an egg everyday since! Black Australorps are excellent layers & Dorothy has definitely proven herself. :)

Unfortunately, we are pretty certain that Brunhilde is a rooster. We're bummed. We don't want a rooster but we really like Brunhilde...or, perhaps we should refer to him as Bruno. :\

Opal (the white one in the back) started laying 4 days later. We were excited to see what color her eggs would be because she's an Araucana & could potentially lay green, blue or pink eggs. Turns out her eggs are light brown or beige. Not as exciting as we hoped, but still fun. Fern (the black & white one) started laying while we were in Utah. We're still waiting for Hazel to lay...not sure what's taking her so long & really hoping we're not in for more bad news...

My little egg collector. I'm so thankful that Finn is excited about the eggs. Our chickens have not figured out how to use the nesting boxes yet & continue to lay eggs in the farthest corner of the coop. I can get back there but it's much easier to send Finn in instead. :)

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