Tuesday, November 9, 2010

barn party

Another trip to the Barn Party! It's one of the highlights of our Fall. :) Kenton was a Kung Fu master, Finn a ninja, I was a gardener & Cedar was a rooster (a borrowed costume from Griffin). :)

The Chase family
Becca the hobo, Aaron's a shark, Cohen's Karate kids, Tyler's an Elvish Avenger, & Sadie is a pink fairy (I think)

The Ruddicks
Ronan's a rock star & Griffin is a tiger

Finn played all the games & really liked the rope swing! He kept cutting in line inadvertently. :\ Everyone was so nice to our little ninja!

The Green Family
Spiderman-Ethan, Kitty-Macey & Pumpkin-Emma :)

A battle between Kung Fu-Kenton & Karate-Justin!

Cute Malia was a bunch of grapes!

And Finn was trying to sweet talk his way into getting some of Ava's candy. Don't think she was giving in. ;)

Blurry Finn with Miss Chelsea dressed as Dora. So cute!

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