Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On Halloween night, we started the festivities by trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. I'm really glad we did. It was fun to watch the kids get so excited. Cedar figured it out pretty quickly & was soon running right along with Finn to get to the next house. He didn't give up the treats until the next treat was offered; then he dropped what he was holding to take the new treat! :P We had to remind Finn not to walk right in & take what he wanted...we'll have many years to practice! ;)

My 3 ninjas

We met up with my sisters & their families at my parents house.

Cohen, Tyler, Finn, Sadie, Cedar, Griffin & Ronan

I dressed as a Green ninja. Not sure if they exist, but it worked with my clothing choices in my closet! ;)

Memaw & Papa with their grandkids

Becca, Gretchen & Katrina
This picture cracks me up cause we didn't notice Ninja Finn in the picture right away. He really is a ninja!

Katrina & Kenton

Next stop: Jesse & Carolyn's house...or Frankenstein & the bride of Frankenstein :)

Then we were off to Stu & Jacque's house. Jacque was dressed as Batgirl & their dog Barney was dressed as a chariot? He had a little Roman soldier riding on his back. :P

Jacque's cute Halloween decorations that I totally wanna copy next year! Ghost milk jugs - so great!

Our final stop was a Mummi & Pappa's house where we mooched some real food! I didn't plan dinner very well & it kind of got left out, so we were thankful for some yogurt for "dinner" - to go along with all the candy we had already eaten! :P

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Jacque said...

I love that Barney is looking up adoringly at Cedar. He hearts that kid ;-)