Wednesday, November 10, 2010

birthday morning

We created a new tradition, created last year, of decorating the house for Finn to wake up to in the morning. :) He was SO excited!

Cedar liked it too! Though he was threatening to ruin it multiple times, so we let Finn run through & tear apart the streamers. So fun!

Since Finley's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, we let him open his gifts right away. We were having a party for him later in the day, so we decided to spread out the celebration!

The grenade he's been wanting! It's pretty cool, for a weapon toy. It ticks down to exploding after you push the button, but if you bump it to roughly, it explodes! :)

Cedar was excited to see Finn's gifts. Pretty fun when your brother has a birthday - more toys to play with!

On a whim, I picked out a Lite Brite for Finn. I'm glad he was so excited to open seemed like something he'd like!

We ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast at Finn's request & played with toys until it was time for the party...

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