Friday, March 18, 2011

snow day

Yay for snow days! Gotta love a city that shuts down for an inch of snow. At least I do! :)

On February 24th, we all got to stay home & play in the snow...that melted completely by the afternoon.

We actually got more snow that night (about an inch) at our house & were surprised when school was not canceled on Friday. Apparently, the area of town we live in was pretty much the only area that got more snow (other than areas in higher elevation).

The boys enjoyed the snow for longer than I expected. It probably helped that we did a dry glove switch part-way through their time outside.

The chickens took their time coming out of the coop. They ended up playing in the snow too, but they weren't too sure of it at first.

Snow man time!


Cedar took a break & leaned against the snowman (in progress) for long enough for me to get several photos of him. I think he liked the attention. :)

Finley & the final product. Nice work, boys!

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Kenton Henry said...

Great stuff! Love Cedar's posing and the chickens. "" -Opal & Brunhilde