Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 women's retreat

This year, I attended the Women's Retreat with our church (April 15th-17th). It was my first time in many least 5 years? I couldn't actually remember how long it had been, but I did figure that I hadn't been on one since having kids & it was my first time leaving Cedar over night. Crazy how time flies! But I'm so glad I went because I had a great time!

On Saturday, I spent some of our free time working on the craft that was provided. We made covers for a collection of recipes that the women of our church provided. It was right up my alley, as far as crafts go! ;)

Kelly & Becca, focused on their covers.

Our table of creative ladies. :)

Becca's finished product! So cute! I didn't take a picture of mine, but I hung it up in my kitchen - check it out the next time you're over! :)

Becca & Gretchen just came for the day on Saturday, so I definitely stole (more than?) my share of cuddles from baby Tate!

I also enjoyed cuddling with sweet Genevieve, who also came with her mama Malia for only the day...but here Stephanie is enjoying the sleeping, little girl.

On Saturday night, my mentor friend Mary (on the right) led the group in a "Minute to Win It" game. She sure isn't afraid to be silly in front of large groups! But she knew better than to call me up to compete. ;)

Here are some of the cabins we slept in. It's been a long time since I've slept on the top bunk of a bunk bed. But a little Nyquil & some ear plugs does wonders for sleeping in a cabin with snorers! :P

Pretty camp!

On Sunday morning, I went for a walk to try to find cell phone reception... luck, but I did find some lovely photo opportunities!

The covered bridge.

Delicious cinnamon rolls & fruit for breakfast!

The lodge.

I enjoyed my time away but I missed my boys & was happy to return. They were happy to see me too, so that's always great! Kenton did great on his own & keep the boys busy with grandpas, uncles & cousins. Team work! ;)

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