Thursday, April 28, 2011

garden project

One of our Spring Break projects was to expand our garden. We learned from last year's garden project that a sod cutter was a better route for removing the grass from under the future raised beds.

Kenton made quick work of removing the surrounding lawn...

...while Finn "helped" my dad to roll up the strips of grass. Loading the sod rolls back into the truck was the hardest part, by far & we only loaded about half of the rolls. The rest are still hanging out in the back yard, patiently waiting for motivation & free time on our part. :) The chickens have also been enjoying some of the smaller strips.

Not at all related: this is the face Finley makes when I force him to take a bath. He is not a fan of wearing a trash bag over his cast & would prefer to go without baths until the cast comes off. Clearly, this is not a choice & so we must endure the pitiful sad face. :(

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