Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring sing

On Thursday, March 31st, Finley's preschool put on their Spring Sing!

Tyler, Finley, Aaron & Cohen
Ty kept Finn busy while waiting for the performance to start by talking about & drawing pictures of MineCraft.

Kenton, Kevin, Jesse, Carolyn, Jacque & Stu
Finn had a whole group of adoring fans. :)

Proud Mama & Dad!

*Photo by Amy*
Miss Debby's class was the first to perform. They sang several songs, but I particularly loved seeing Finley doing the motions for "I'm a little teapot!" He had such a cute spout with that cast. :)

A quick video of "I'm a little teapot."

*Photo by Amy*
Cute spout! ;)

Miss Debby's class

*Photo by Amy*
So lucky to be in the same class as Griffin! :)

Next up was Ethan & Macey's class, taught by Miss Jen.

Happy Tate!

Then Cohen's class performed, taught by Miss Deena.

Our super star! :)

Our family.

Happier Cedar. :)

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