Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy 1st birthday, genevieve

 On Sunday, February 26th, Cedar & I attended Genevieve Martin's 1st birthday party.  Finn was a bit under the weather & stayed home with Kenton, so Cedar & I had to party twice as hard to make up for the big brother's absence!  ;)

 Checking out the treats!  So fun & delicious!

 The birthday girl!  
She wasn't going to smile for me for anything!  :P

 Playing pass the parcel...

 ...and Cedar won!  He has such a sweet smile on his face when he realized he was the winner & got to keep the game!

 Playing Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone...

 ...and I may have inadvertently cheated & cheered Cedar on when his cherry got close to the "X".  What can I say?!  I'm a tiny bit competitive!  :P

 Birthday cake

 I think Genevieve liked it!

 Cedar enjoyed his cupcake & ice cream.

 Checking out one of the books from us.

The Martin family!
Justin, Genevieve, Ava & Malia
The kids look a bit wiped out & I think the parents were feeling relieved that they made it through the whirlwind of a child's first birthday party!  ;)  We had a great time & enjoyed all of the delicious treats immensely! Thanks for inviting us!  :)

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