Sunday, March 18, 2012

prekindergarten fun

 Finn has had a really great preKindergarten year!  He loves his teacher & his friends (& cousin!) & always seems to be doing fun projects.  On this day, Finn was dressed & ready for pajama day at school!

He also had the very important job of taking home two of the classroom "pets" to take care of it overnight!

Finn's pets were toy lizards, but they still came with a list of jobs that I had to sign off on: feeding, watering & playing with the "pets".  :)  He took it very seriously & was very responsible with the lizards...for the most part.  :P

 For Valentine's Day, Finley & I made Valentines for our classes.  He chose the paper colors & stamps himself & worked very hard to stamp designs & write out his classmates names on his own.

 It took us a few different sessions on different days to get through them all, but he was very proud of the finished product.  And I was SUPER proud of his hard work, thoughtfulness & creativity!

 So sweet!

Nice job, Finley!  :)

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