Wednesday, March 21, 2012

surprise snow day

 Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  Today, we woke up to 4 inches of snow & it continued to snow for several hours!  What a surprise!

 The only bummer was that Kenton & I were already on Spring Break, so we didn't get a Snow Day from work this time.  But on the bright side, we're already on Spring Break!  ;)

 Finn was supposed to go to school this morning & was SO excited when he learned that it actually snowed enough to cancel school!  That is so rare here!

 Our tall tree/shrub was bending under the weight of snow!  It's top branches were touching the ground.  :\  We helped knock some of the snow off, but we'll see if it fully recovers.

 We played in the morning & took a break, then went back out for a walk.  The snow was super slushy by the afternoon & it was a very hard walk.  We felt like we were doing a mini Biggest Loser challenge!  :P

 We walked about 3/4 of a mile to a hill & the snow was still in great shape for sledding!  :P  My sweet Cedar-Lion was a little nervous to sled, at first.

 Kenton & Finn took lots of turns!

 I have so many photos with great expressions from these two...but especially from Kenton!  :P

 Sticking close to Mama.

 More sledding...

 Cedar didn't need a sled to have fun on the hill!

 Finley on his own!

 Kenton rolling down the hill...on purpose.  :P

 Might be getting a little old for that kind of play!  ;)

 The big kid & me.

 Mama & Cedar took a turn about halfway down the hill, to make sure Cedar wouldn't get too scared.  He loved it!

 Finn & Cedar together, just before toppling over & nearly face-planting in the snow.  Cedar was laughing the whole time.

Dad & Cedar

 I know I'm posting a lot of pictures, but this series is so funny!  I set my camera to take rapid shots & got the best facial expressions from Kenton!

 We traded sleds with another family that was sledding nearby.

 Kenton noticed a bump coming up & was concerned that he was going to pop their blow-up pool toy!

 I suppose he was worried, but he just looks disgusted!  :)

 Almost to the bump!

 Oh, Man!  They caught some air!

 Landing was a little rough...

But they were all smiles in the end.  No worries!  :P

Cedar got one last ride up the hill & thought that was the most fun!

By the time we made it back home, both boys were in tears with super cold toes & fingers.  We gave them a warm bath, which only brought more tears as their extremities thawed out.  :P  But once that feeling subsided, they were all better & ready to enjoy round 2 of hot cocoa!

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Jacque said...

You guys look like you had a ton of fun!